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You are in for a treat with the meals prepared by our Executive Chef Spencer Sykes. He is also the owner of our on-site restaurant, Spencer’s. His passion for cooking is not only evident in his meticulous way of plating but also in the exquisite flavour of his food. From his mouth-watering Breakfasts and Café Style Lunches to Fine Dining Dinners every plate is a feast for the eyes and the tummy.

Bass Lake Lodge has always been praised for our tasty meals. In the past, a set menu was the only option, but Bass Lake Lodge is excited to announce that we now offer an à la carte menu. ​We have expanded our range of ingredients to bring you the best taste in a variety of fresh delicious meals. Wether you are visiting for a weekend getaway or a small private or corporate function, you can now enjoy the freedom of choosing your own meal.

 If you are a non-resident and would like to tickle your taste buds, please first contact us for availability and to reserve your table. 

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Spencer Sykes

Restaurant owner and executive chef

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